Glenn said... I found the replies to the inquiry "A Good Bourbon To Start With" most interesting yet feel these really haven't dug as deeply as they could.

Actually, you've come to *exactly* the right source for your answer; you're just not looking in the right spot yet. You can only get a superficial, "down-and-dirty" answer from the responses to your post; the real answer is found in the whole of all the posts that have gone before; you'll need to read them. And even then you'll only have the answer that was true yesterday. You'll probably leave out Glenn's contribution...

... Delving deeper of course is a realm safely trod by only educated and experienced individuals so I cannot offer worthy comment myself.

Of course you can, and you did. And now your own contribution (personal history as a valid criterion) is part of the knowledge. See? We're not going to quote that to the next person who asks "What's the best bourbon?"; probably you won't, either. But it's here in the forum. And months (or years) from now, someone reading your old post from back in July 2000 will change the way they compare whiskey at least partly based on what they learned from you.

Cool, ain't it? Just say, "Thank you, Jim" to Mr. Butler (JBUTLER), whose forum this is.

-John Lipman-