Here are some more of the Publicker Porfolio of brands in the 1970's.
32. Maywood Rye
33. Penn Esquire
34. La Conga Rum
35. Dougherty's Rye & Scotch
36. Three Kings Rye
37. Cavalier Gin & Vodka
38. Continental Anastte
39. Old Schcuylkill Choice Rye
40. Ollethorp Club
41. Coldstream British Gin
42. Amaretto Lolita, Caffe Lolita and Peanut Lolita
43. Vodak Vodka
44. Vodkoff Vodka
45. Gold star Special Reserve Gin
46. Glen Flagler Straight Scotch
47. Majorska Vodka
48. Monogram Gin under Regent Distillers
49. Guckenheimer Whiskey & Gin
50. Cadillac Club Whiskey
51. Club Delux for the Armed Forces
52. Pembrook Whiskey
53. Town Club Reserve
54. Bourbon Supreme
55. Burtons Gin
56. Clarks Gin
57. Tvarscki Gin
58. Chevy Royal Scotch
59. American 5 Star Brandy
60. Lord Sandwish Gin

I got all the Brands from an old Master List I found in the government Building at the Plant there were more but I have not found the Names yet I will keep on till I have everyione as I was told by an old Employee that they had about 115 total!
Dave Z