Looking at Pictures taken by someone else and an old Broshure with an aerial Picutre of the Plant I saw something that I never noticed when I worked at Kinsey! Building Q had a fire Observation Room on top of its Fire Escape. I had when I worked the yard gang helped to sweep the stairs down on many of them as dead birds and dust the stairways were only entered by the ground door the roof door or the special door on each floor that went out to a small porch and you would open a door into the tower to get out. bottom floor you could not go in them. They were also Explosion proof and each one like the next except for Building Q which had a room with windows that would open and 3 directions around the Plant and a small tower atop the room. I am going to check this as soon as I can and get some better Pictures and information. This does not surprise me as they even had Fire Hydrants in the woods around the plant!
I will tell more after I get a chance to check it out! Every one of the 1892 Wood and Brick Warehouses was sprinkled and had some Heat and they had fire drills once a month near them. I have found Papers from the 1950's about each months drill. Going in Building H of the old ones I found my Dads Nick name on one of the Wood barrel Rails it said Ziggy 1952!
Dave Z