One of my Favorite Memories was the Smell when you walked into the Warehouse after they had been shut for a month or so the air was blue with vapors and the smell of aging whiskey intense! If you had a cold or sinus it helped opened you right up and your first time in it almost got you feeling loaded! The Vapors near the sealing were dark blue and thick, and I really liked the smell working in them. It was very cool even in the summer when it was in the 90's outside it was nice in there. They always made sure we had Thermel jackets in winter and good work boots and gloves. They if they had to would give us a paper to get shoes. They really took good care of us and if breathing the fumes was not good for us we did not know it! There was never a dull moment working in the warehouses and days went by fast and Happy. Some days we would go to two or three warehouses in a day because it would be a dump day and we would have to dump the right barrels for that days Bottling and often they were in different buildings. Those days the old 1941 Fords would be roaring back and forth taking barrels to warehouses where there were dump trouths. I in my Mind can still hear the old Ford Flat Head V8's Roaring back and forth, being double clutched and going way to fast!
Dave Z
Old Hickory America's Most Magnificent Bourbon