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    Post Re: The Kinsey Fire Observation Room

    Today I parked at my Friends house across from the Plant and got some different Pictures of most area's. I climbed up the front stair well in warehouse N as it was open and went up on the roof to take some Pictures one of which is the Kinsey Fire Obeservation Room sitting atop the fire Escape. Warehouse Q sits at the highest point in the Plant and gave you a view of the whole area to look for fire or other dangerous things.
    Pictures are
    1. Looking from the Roof of Warehouse N at the Kinsey Fire Observation tower on top of Q warehouse Fire escape. This Warehouse sat on thehighest point in the Plant.
    2. Looking toward the front of the Plant from the roof of Warehouse N
    3. Large amount of water on the roof of Warehouse N looking across to the tops of the two 1/2 million gal Whiskey storage tanks that stand 44 feet high mid point of the plant.

    As I have said many times Kinsey was one of the safest Warehousing and Distilling / Bottling Plants in the world back in the days I worked there.
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