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    Post Re: The Kinsey Fire Observation Room

    The more I walk around Kinsey and look at things I am amazed at all the things that were in place to prevent fires. They went beyond just the law and because of that forethought we never had any fires or injuries from fire. To this day there are hundreds old Co'2 fire extingusers everywhere and of course the vandels like to dig them out and throw them.

    We had containment walls that were so good a setup that they are on par for modern ones like where I work today. Around the big 1/2 million gal tanks we had walls and drains to take the whiskey if there was a spill, away to another area tank by drains and pumps.

    At the end they had 2 fire trucks as I discovered by a old picture after the place was abandon. Of course our Explosion proof warehouses had the fire escape system at the back of each building and we had our monthly fire drills at the most fire prone area's of the plant and of course the Fire Observation tower from which you could see all area's of the plant.

    All this planing started under the idea's of Si Neuman and our great engineer Joe Trisch who did 90% of all the drawing and blue prints for plant projects.

    We thankfully never had any near fire's ever in those years and there was never any loss of life at our Kinsey plant!
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