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Here is a picture from an early Photo around Late 1933 of Our Products back then.
1. Picture shows are earliest brands Envoy Club Whiskey, Snug Harbor and Sweep Stakes Straight Whiskey. plus good old Dixie belle Gin and another early gin Caledonia Gin. I am lucky enough to have a Envoy Club Bottle and a Snug Harbor Bottle both late 1933 Products. I also have a couple of Sweep Stakes Straight Whiskey Bottles.

Snug Harbor acording to My Friend who was High up in the Marketing part of the Company was if not the First one of the Very first drinking Whiskeys Continental Distilling made when Prohibition ended!

I got this picture from my friend Butch and I will post a picture of My Envoy Club and Snug Harbor Bottles here soon.
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Dave Z
Very interesting texture on the large bottle, Dave. Looking forward to seeing the Snug Harbor and Sweep Stakes bottles too. Thanks!