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    Post Re: The Kinsey Fire Observation Room

    Well I am back been dealing with some health stuff but doing great now and I have stuff I have not Posted yet from May. But as many of You know I go to the WWII week end every year in Reading and dress as a Col. and B-29 Pilot as my Father was a B-29 Tail Gunner in WWII. So here is one of My Pictures just for Fun from the show of me with The Manhaten Dolls at the show. And some Kinsey pictures
    1. Me with the Dolls
    2. I saved this old wooden side from a box that once held a metal worm used to move grain from the grain Process building at Kinsey to the DSP#12 Still. It says Kinsey Distilling company Linfield pa. Most likely the part was used around the mid to late 1940's
    3. Old Kinsey Fire Fighting Tank of the Old Presured water type.

    I have more Pictures to post and will post the Picture of the Old Whiskey Thief that we found in the ruins of the Old Kinsey Bottle house which was used till 1979 to make and bottle Liquors! I will put the picture of the whiskey thief in the Memories thread today if I have time. Felt so good Last night I broke out the Last of My Old Hickory 80 for a nice sip or two.
    Dave Z
    It Seems All The Nicest People Drink Old Hickory
    America's Most Magnificent Bourbon



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