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    Post Re: The Kinsey Fire Observation Room

    Today I will tell some stories and information about Kinsey. When I first started going back to Kinsey after being so sick in Feb 2007 that I almost died. I was sick in bed lookig at an old Brosure of the Plant from 1980. In it there was a Aerial Picture of the whole Plant and I spotted the Fire observation Room on the Picture. Memories flooded my mind. I thought of the great idea of making this fire escape on the High point of the plant a place to put a room to do fire watches for safety. When I was able to get out of bed and travel very weakly I made my Childhood Friend Don help me to get to Kinsey and check out the Fire observation room. He also climbed the dangerous side ladder to the room on top for Looking across the roof. Discovering that the floor had fallen in leaving a sealed pit with no escape if you walked through the door, and He took pictures of the upper room for me.

    Also I found labels there and in wondering how they got there I found out later something I had forgotten from Ludy. We would place labeled bottles and Labels on the window sills in the sun to test there ability to hold up from fading. This was a tipical type of thing for Publicker, they were aways doing inovative things in every operation they ran.

    Q warehouse like the rest could hold 333,333 barrels per floor and was one of more used warehouses in my days in the warehouse gang.

    On any given day we could be racking barrels in the afternoon and dumping barrels in the morning. We would ride on the back of one of three flat trucks to warehouses any distance, and walk to close ones.

    At Lunch the Lunch room at O building, the Government building was the Place to be. Also a truck with sandwiches from a local mobel catering service would drive up most days and we would buy treats or sandwiches. Also we could leave at lunch and come back as the flat trucks would drop and pickup people leaving and coming back at the front gate.
    Our Little soda machine was very important to the guys who liked to mix their whiskey with soda and the Ginger ale was always well used out of the machine. The machine carried A Treat Sodas from the Allentown area.

    Our machines back in those days were run by ARA services no longer around this area. And for the smokers even though you had few places to smoke,we had a cigarette machine filled with the days best brands!

    We had really nice heavy wooden picnic benches to sit at and a large round sink to wash up. Also some lockers and the only in Plant warehouse area bathroom.
    They were wonderful days for me of youth and my memories are very fond of those days and friends still here,and those gone!
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    Dave Z
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