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    Post Re: The Kinsey Fire Observation Room

    Joe one thing for sure that wood would burn well, but it would be a job hauling that and I am getting to old to do suff like that. I was at the Distillery on Sunday afternoon and went into the 1966 Bottling House and it is amazing how bad a shape it is in. It is the newest building in the plant 1951 and it is the worst one for condition. Water pours in when it rains, vandels have stolen just about all they can and walking aroung it brings so many memories everytime I walk in there. I see an old Raincoat in the incoming spirits area and it is my old friend Walt Harringtons old raincoat. it was Walt who used to keep the Kinsey Benifit club going so that if you got hurt you got a little bit of spending money till you came back! He was always selling tickets for it. You could win a basket of cheer and the rest went to the fund.

    I think back to our amazing safety record very few people got hurt and we never had a fire in the place. It was to me the most special place I ever worked and I am thankful I lived in the time I did and worked there. I only wish I would have stayed there a little longer but its closing would have been very hard for me. I never in my wildest dreams thought the place would ever be abandoned! And I will be forever proud of our Whiskeys.

    I can sit here and see myself rolling dice at break time in the warehouses or climbing into a coal car in the yard gang, we worked hard but we had pride in our work ethic, it was there I learned to have a good work ethic and I to this day try not to miss any days even at 65 years old.
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