Hey everybody, just wanted to introduce myself. I'm pretty much a bourbon neophyte. I've never really had much use for mixed drinks, like most other 21 year-olds, unless it was a martini, but was introduced to bourbon in quite a roundabout way.

So, I'm looking up recipes to brew up a new beer, and here pops up this hugely malty porter recipe, with some vanilla and bourbon thrown in for good measure. Knowing nothing about bourbon other than its a type of whiskey, I'm intrigued. I decide to go for it. Head to the liquor store and nab a bottle of Eagle Rare 10yr to throw in the beer, based solely off the fact that the bottle was awesome, and the message on the back refreshingly patriotic (something nice after going to college in Boulder, CO).

Once the beer is all ready to go, here I'm sitting with this pretty bottle half-full of some strange stuff. "Why Knutzen, what the hell are you going to do with this?" I ask myself. Since there was really only one answer to that question, I grab a tumbler and pour some in.

Wow. This stuff is good. Sweet, spicy, vanilla, some honey maybe, I dunno. The complexity and fullness of the flavor knocked me over. The rest of the bottle didn't last much longer.

So, here I am. My bourbon experience is pretty limited, as is my college-student budget. I'm enjoying Elijiah Craig 12yr and Buffalo Trace, both of which are very pleasing, but not quite up to the memory of that Eagle Rare. I find that I miss the powerful vanilla flavors most of all.

Anyway, that was long. Hi y'all.