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    Re: Bowmore recommendation?

    As a sherried scotch drinker, by extreme preference, and Not An Islay Guy At All, generally.. the 15 Bowmore Darkest is quite a nice dram. The more sherry the better for me, but I've not had the NAS to compare it to.

    What I was reminded of was the Talisker Distillers Edition, only younger and sweeter. (The Distillers Edition is a (imo) very non-typical Talisker)

    My standard drinking style is a slosh in a glass, no ice or water, and Bowmore Darkest works just fine that way.

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    Re: Bowmore recommendation?

    I've enjoyed the Bowmore 12, but was very disappointed with the Bowmore 17. One of the slowest emptying bottles I've ever had. It has what I can only describe as a lemony taste that dominates any other flavor, including the faint whiff of peat at the end. I'm tempted to think I got a bad bottle, but no way am I investing the money to find out.



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