When I worked in the warehouses at Kinsey they hired a 20 year Army Sargent and His first name was Louis. He really did not like being told what to do as thought he Knew better a nice guy and I am sure a good man in the army. Well when it came to rolling Barrels he was a night mare. He would roll each one about a foot then go back to the front roll them another foot again and again. No one minded as if he wanted to work twice as hard that was ok as even the Boss of the gang did not want to argue with him. Well one day after he had been there a bit we had a large lot to be dumped, before he had just rolled them to go in the racks or on a truck to go to another dump site. Well he started rolling them a foot at a time and when they got so far we could see that they would not be staged right to go on the Dump trough. Someone said to him better not get them so close as we are going to dump them, and he said I know what I am doing. Well when they got to the trough they were all out of order to dump and we had to move them way back and get them so the bung would fall on the bottom at certain points on the dump trough. The Boss finally had it, he said to him from now on your name is Line Em up Louie! You must think the barrels are troops waiting for inspection well they are not they are barrels and from Now on you will do them the way the rest of the men do when you roll them, Line Up Louie! Well old Louie was burning but said nothing and when they had other dumps he would be told we are dumping today by the Boss. Other times he would do the same thing and roll them a foot at a time and turn them so the ends were even no matter how hard it was for hime to do it.