This morning I am sending Jeff a few pictures of my Collection of Continental / Kinsey / Publicker stuff. I am very lucky to have Hundreds of Mint old Continental bottles, plus Barrel heads and cases of labeled and unlabeled Bottles and a Wooden 1909 Angelo Myers Wooden whiskey case that was given to me by a Man in NJ he found it sitting out for the trash man and got it and looking up stuff about Kinsey He read my writtings and gave it to me and even paid for the shipping as he said my writting is preserving History and he wanted it to come home to Pa! Once Jeff gets my Pictures he will put them here. I intend to leave these to The Getz when I am gone with a few exceptions the Kinsey Box will go to our Local Historic Society. So if you look and they are not up yet check back. 99% of my stuff is Continental