What do you love about bourbon? Is it the flavor? What about the history behind your favorite brand? Or is it the memories of good times shared with friends and family over a bottle from your top-shelf collection? Well, there's lots of things to love about bourbon, and a few that come to mind are:

Quality - A good bourbon will balance grain character with just the right amount of wood to lend a satisfying taste, body and finish.

Availability - While we all cherish that rare gem that was expensive and/or hard to find, we want our favorites to be close at hand when we are ready for them.

Value - It's no secret to folks here that some of the best values often go overlooked by shoppers following the latest trend or rating.

Once again we celebrate February with a bourbon that's easy love: WL Weller Special Reserve. For about $12 you can taste love in a bottle. Still retaining the 7yo age statement, Buffalo Trace has gone to great lengths to ensure that this legacy brand lives up to its pedigree. Full-bodied and well balanced, WLWSR is one of the best values on the market. It's priced for dual use as a sipping bourbon, or as a mixer for your guests. Can you feel the love?

So join me in celebration of our romance with bourbon

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