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I finally found some WSR (at $12.99!) and had my first pour last night. It certainly tastes like the Antique but that medicinal flavor is just a bit more subdued. I like the Antique at $19 but I got to say I love the WSR at $13. If asked to choose between these I'd give WSR the edge.

BTW- what I love about these inexpensive good pours is that they help bring down the average cost/night of bourbon enjoyment. If I'm having 2 pours/night of 2 oz of PVW15 or even 20 (which is quite often), I like to start with one of these cheaper pours, get the taste buds acclimated, and then hit the higher priced stuff and take advantage of the contrast effect (i.e. makes the higher priced stuff taste even better).

So at $0.50 /oz(WSR) x 2oz = $1 plus $2.00/oz(PVW15) x2 = $4 or even $3.625/oz(PVW20) x 2oz = $7.25 then I can drink for between $5 to $8.25 per evening versus $8 to $14.50.

Still quite pricey per evening so I also tend to mix in other relatively less expensive pours but also fantastic like Centennial 13 yr (@ $1 /oz) or ORVW 10/107 at a similar price point.

Anyways, my take home message is that I am happy that everyone here turned me on to this very nice and inexpensive pour... it will now be entering the rotation!
Right out of the Bourbonomics 101 textbook. You get an A+