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Thread: Dickel No. 12

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    Re: Dickel No. 12

    Quote Originally Posted by Martian View Post
    I tried a recent bottle of Dickel No. 12 a few months ago. I was disappointed. I got a little cough medicine taste. I've never heard anyone else describe this taste. Maybe No. 12 is just not for me. I've never tried the scarce No. 8.
    My first ever bottle of Dickel was a #8. I thought it had a distinct flavor that did tend towards the cough medicine flavor....still have some left.

    This weekend i picked up a #12 so I will give it a go and also do a side by side and post my results.

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    I just purchased a Dickel 12 2 weeks ago. It is almost gone. I have enjoyed this bottle very much though it is quite different than my favorite bourbon pours. My impressions of Tennessee whiskey were based on my total disliking of Jack Daniels that I developed 25 years ago. The Dickel 12 was a very pleasant surprise . I intend to buy it again and put it in my whiskey rotation.



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