I have this from a trusted source and it has been posted on another whiskey forum. Nevertheless, I hope Julian sees and confirms it:

The legendary Van Winkle 13 yr old rye is no more. Finished.

And what's left on the shelves is actually much OLDER than the 13 years stated on the label. Apparently, the 13y rye was all made in 1985 and has been bottled now for the past five years. But now it's gone.

Which means that if your liquor store has recent stock (2002), that whiskey is really 17 years old. The 2001 bottles are 16 years old, and so on. Only the '98 edition was 13 yo at time of bottling.

So be a pal. Grab what's still left on the shelves, pack securely and send it Priority Mail to me here in Florida. Thanks guys! Your generosity leaves me speechless.