Lately I've been getting in to cider. 2 stores by me carry Cidre Bouché Brut De Normandie and after wondering about it for so long I bought one and found that it was well worth the 9 or so dollars I spent. I love this stuff and think I prefer it to many beers I like. Sweet, like apple juice (obviously) but with some carbonation and some dryness in the flavor. The following week I bought another, it was an older one that they were selling for the same price (bottle said 2001) and it really wasn't that good. Kinda flat and very bitter. The 2005 and 2006 bottles I tried were quite the opposite though. I know that champagne and beer can sometimes age well in the bottle, is it the same, or at least should it be the same with cider as well? In the case of the 2001 I'd say no but who knows, maybe it was a bad bottle. (Come to think of it, anything bottle aged by this store I've purchased has never been good, not sure of I'll fall for that one again...)
I don't see a lot of Cider around but another I tried was J.K. Scrumpy's Farmhouse Organic Hard Cider. I didn't much care for this one. It tasted exactly like non-alcoholic cider, was kind of flat, and was completely lacking any kind of kick the 6% alcohol should have added. I was just wondering if there were any other cider drinkers here and if there were any recommendations that could be made. Like I said, I don't see very much of it around but I'll definitely be on the look out for others in my travels.