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    Re: Is Buffalo Trace a good "go to" pour?

    Quote Originally Posted by OscarV View Post
    Nah, those aren't harsh words, of all the bourbons that Buffalo Trace produces ERSB is at the bottom of my list and BT is one notch up.
    Something has to be on the bottom.
    Well, I like BT precisely because of its singularnes. In other words, to my taste, it boldly represents the house style that is evident in other BT bottlings. I simply don't pick up the mustiness others talk about. Or, perhaps, its precisely that bold defining characteristic, that I like, that so many other folks think of as mustiness?

    In any case, Its too bad you don't like it, Oscar. Do you find BT musty, or is it something else?

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    Re: Is Buffalo Trace a good "go to" pour?

    There are a lot of bourbons that I like and BT is one, but time is short and I seem to get drunk when I drink to many.
    I just finished a bottle of BT, I drank it mostly on the rocks and I liked it, but neat is how I drink a bourbon that I love.
    And yeah a little musty, but good.

    Ok let me rank the Buffalo Trace bourbons in groups, A my favorite, D my least favorite. (no Van Winkles, I consider that seperate from BT.)

    Group A;
    All the Weller's
    Rock Hill Farms

    Group B;
    Elmer T Lee
    Old Charter

    Group C;
    Ancient Age
    Virginia Gentlemen

    Group D;
    Buffalo Trace
    Eagle Rare Single Barrel

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    Re: Is Buffalo Trace a good "go to" pour?

    Oscar, I'm drinking RHF as I type. I love the aroma of this bourbon but the flavor doesn't live up to the smell, in my opinion. That is not to say, I don't like it or even that I think it to be average. In fact, I do like it. But there was that little bit of letdown from the nose to the 'buds.


    P.S. I find that the RHF - my lone bottle, anyway - has an ever so slight mustiness in the flavor. It's not off-putting by any means. Actually, I feel it lends some character to the bourbon.

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    Re: Is Buffalo Trace a good "go to" pour?

    The folks at the Trace must know that although all of us drink the fine offerings available to us, we do like some more than others.

    And it's personal.
    Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds.

    Bob Marley.

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    Re: Is Buffalo Trace a good "go to" pour?

    I vote yes. Of course here in PA it's only 19.99 and the 1.75L is 39.99.

    That said, if I'm really piching my pennies, my recent discovery of Weller Antique is a REAL winner at about 17.99 (16.99 on sale next month!!!). I also like the Elijah Craig 12 yo which is only sold in 1.75L here in PA for just over $30.

    But to reiterate my answer to the original question. YES!

    ECONOMY, n. Purchasing the barrel of whiskey that you do not need for the price of the cow you cannot afford”
    - Ambrose Bierce

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    Re: Is Buffalo Trace a good "go to" pour?

    Hey MASHFACE, Hellz ya! also try some weller 107 antique.
    "Too much of anything is bad, but too much of good whiskey is barely enough". Mark Twain

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    Re: Is Buffalo Trace a good "go to" pour?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. François View Post
    BT is my standard, always available bourbon. When I pick it up in CO in a 1.75l bottle, the cost-per-fifth comes down to around 15 or 16 bucks.


    I'm a big fan of the current bottling of EC12. It's cheaper, and I think it's more complex. I feel guilty mixing it, though. Then again, I don't mix my BT.
    Agreed on all points.

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    Re: Is Buffalo Trace a good "go to" pour?

    Quote Originally Posted by Black85L98 View Post
    Agreed on all points.

    “We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be.”
    --Kurt Vonnegut



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