Having worked at Kinsey over five years late 1960's through early 1970's I never had the chance to try any Kinsey Brand Whiskey Gold or Silver and I have never been lucky enough to own a bottle or have a drink of it but they did make it in the 1970's I have some empty bottles and a case dated 1971. They had some really cool ads they would put an image of JG Kinsey in the air above people drinking it with a shot glass in his hand toasting them in the sprite of the 1890's. When I worked there an oldtimer who ended up working there for almost 50 years told me after Publicker bought it late 1939 early 1940 that old Jake Kinsey used to stop by to visit his former employees at lunch time in the tunnel we ate our lunch at when I worked there right behind the bottom of old #12. I am really wondering as He told me Kinsey one the Best Blended Whiskey's ever made and I would like some input into how Good it was. He loved the stuff!