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Thread: Wiser's

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    Re: Wiser's

    Oh, about it's provenance, I made some notes when i got it. It's advertised as being distilled at the Corby Distillery, Ontario. However my internet research suggests it has been distilled and bottled at the Hiram Walker distillery since the 1980s.


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    Re: Wiser's

    Quote Originally Posted by mgilbertva View Post
    I received a bottle of the 18yr expression. I would not have purchased it on my own, but it turned out to be a wonderful gift.

    Very elegant, and rather full-bodied for an 80pf. In fact, if I tasted it blind I would not guess is was only 80. Wood, caramel, and more butterscotch than is typical. I recommend it highly.
    I just finished my bottle of the 18 last night. I find it has distinct maple notes on the nose. Even the flavour has a way of bringing autumn forests to mind...



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