I sent Jeff a Lithograph of Simon Neumans Home it may not turn out good enough to put up but In 1936 Mr Neuman bought an Italian -Renaissance Style Home Named Laurento in St. Davids near Wayne Pa main line from Phila. It had been built for the grandson of Anthony J. Drexel for his grandson Craig Biddle it was his wedding gift. It was 113 acres the Mansion was built on a Bluff overlooking the Little Darby creek. it was adorned with many European treasures including Marble Mantel pieces & Tapestries. It had a large Stable and a large Clock tower. All that is left now is entrance gates and a driveway. Mr Neuman after buying it Named it Inver-House long before he named his most famous Scotch the same Name. Just wanted to ad this for Histrory Sake as the First time the Name Inver House is used by the Publicker / Neuman Family! Mr Neuman was president of Publicker from 1933 till his death in 1976.
Dave Z