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    Re: Old Charter 12 90 Proof

    Quote Originally Posted by TBoner View Post
    I daresay there's not another 12yo bourbon of any caliber or 90 proofer of this caliber that's regularly priced at $21..
    I'm pretty sure there's a good bit of Weller 12 around for that price or even less, though it has been going up in price. I think the last bottle of Weller 12 I bought (within the last 2 months) was $16.99.

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    Re: Old Charter 12 90 Proof

    I didn't really care for the OC 12 90. All I got was wood and the BT mustiness and a veggie taste. I had it down at the bottom end of my bourbon list.

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    Re: Old Charter 12 90 Proof


    You may have me there, although my cheapo store where BT is only $16.99 and EWSB is $22.49 has Weller 12 at $21.99 - it's the only store where I can get it that cheap and is in fact $4 less than the next-cheapest in town.


    Where was your bottle from? Louisville or Frankfort? I've had a bad L'ville and it was as you describe. It's possible there are some bad Frankforts with comparable flavors, but I haven't found any.



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