Does anyone have any information on How many Distillers raised Steers during WWII for the War effort by feeding them the left over Mash? Publicker did that all through WWII at Kinsey and they used the Mash for that purpose they Had in Philadelphia to those raising cattle for the feeding of our Troops. After the war the Mash they had from both stills in Philadelphia was sold for Cattle food as long as they operated it was another source of Making money just like the Dry Ice! I wondered if any of the other Distillerys In KY and other parts of the USA did this during the war and After. When I started there I wondered why there were 10 steer Pens down toward the river behind the Plant and a man who worked there when I was there and ended up working there almost 50 years told me all about the Steer Pens and the Cattle going to the War effort.