Bob (Yellowjacket) arranged for a Laphroig tasting at the Tilted Kilt here in Houston. It was hosted by Simon Brooking, their "ambassador" here in the US. We tasted the 10yo, the Quarter Cask and their 15yo. We also tasted their white dog which was very interesting to say the least. I found the 15 yo to be a little simple and too mellow but really enjoyed the 10yo.

Simon also poured us a sample of the soon to be released Ardmore Single Malt. Approximately 99% of Ardmore's production has gone into blends (mostly Teachers as discussed in that thread) until now. It will be done as a Quarter Cask and be from 6 to 9 yo. I liked it, but will wait to see pricing before purchasing. Should be available in about two weeks.

PS Simon told us the price of Laphroig 30 is going to be tripled shortly from $200 to $600 more or less......if you're into such things.