Been sitting on a bottle of ORVW 10 90-proof for awhile, and have noticed I don't think lustfully of it when I look over my bunker. Not that it's bad, because it's really not, but because I generally prefer rye over wheat and higher proof over low (I find it somewhat amusing that 90-proof is now considered low to me...)

Anyways, I wasn't raised on waste and don't believe in it, so I wanted to use it somehow. A vatting seemed the ideal place to start. Needs rye. Needs higher proof. OGD 114 immediately sprang to mind. Mixed up 50/50 in a snifter and I gotta say I'm really really enjoying it (note: most of the vattings I've attempted in the past I did NOT enjoy; one of the worst was Macallan CS and Laphraoig 15 )

This seems to be a good use of all the low-proof wheaters I have that don't get enough attention, and a good way for me to expand my whiskey experimentation. Are there any other vattings that people here would recommend that would fall within the 4-grain demographic? Anyone want to give it a shot?

Tomorrow I think I'll try Pappy 15 and Handy 07. Two great whiskies... what could possibly go wrong?