Can you find any Dickel where you are? Or is your Dickel coming up short? I think we all know how uncomfortable that can be.

I spoke to Gene Song, brand manager at Diageo for Dickel and Bulleit. He said the shortage of Dickel No. 8 has not abated. They're still waiting for whiskey to be ready. The younger Cascade Hollow Recipe is selling well. They haven't decided whether or not the Cascade recipe will remain after they have sufficiently resupplied No. 8, but they certainly seem to be leaning in that direction.

As for the shortages of Dickel No. 12, that people have reported here and elsewhere, Song isn't willing to say there is an official shortage, but supplies are tight. Basically, Dickel has been enjoying its share of the bourbon boom. The surprising part is that it is not export-driven. Dickel is sold only in the USA.

So, any Dickel sightings where you are?