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    Re: Where's Your Dickel?

    Quote Originally Posted by smokinjoe View Post
    I agree with you, BBQ. It is quite good. I have always seen the Dickel Barrel Select priced minimally in the lo-mid $30's. So, if you like it, and can get it at $20, you should buy extras.
    So far, the only bottle of Barrel Select I found was $40. It might make a good gift for my dad since he's a JD fan but it's not worth that to me. Hopefully it would keep him from drinking Crown Royal for a while

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    Re: Where's Your Dickel?

    I am seeing No. 8, No. 12 and the black and red label Cascade Hollow here in North Alabama in sufficient numbers. I have to go to the distillery to get the Barrel Select #1 and #2.

    Even though I live only 45 minutes from the three Tennessee distilleries, I can never count on proximity as a means of ample supply. Few distributors enjoy doing business with Alabama and so our selection is limited mostly to high volume best sellers. Still....some good stuff in small numbers makes it through from time to time.
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    Re: Where's Your Dickel?

    In Michigan, we just got our Dickel back.

    #8 is back on the state list, few weeks after the first appearence of Cascade Hollow on Michigan shelves near me.
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