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    Buchanan's 12 Year

    Hi there,
    I've never actually tried Buchanan's 12 year blended scotch. The box says that the main SM Scotch in the blend is from the Dalwhinnie. I do like the Dalwhinnie 15 year. Although, I feel quite certain that the Dalwhinnie SM base for B12 is not the same as the D15, it still makes me curious about this blend. Whose tried and what do you think? Tasting notes?

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    Re: Buchanan's 12 Year

    Nobody has had Buchanan's?

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    Re: Buchanan's 12 Year

    Maybe someone at whisky mag may help? I have never tried it, but am curious as well

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    Re: Buchanan's 12 Year

    I had some several years ago at a friends house in OK city. It is a blend, as you know, and I'm prejudiced to single malts. That caveat being rendered, I thoroughly enjoyed the whisky. It has been too long ago for me to try to give tasting notes, but I do remember that I thought it stacked well with Chivas, Johnny Black, Dewars 12, and similar whiskys. I seem to recall it had a lot of malt taste to it, maybe that's why I liked it. I haven't bought it again because the price is higher than some malts that I like, but if I wanted to treat myself with a blend that I hadn't had in a while, I'd definitely consider it (but it's been a long time since I've had Pinch as well). The bottle that I had (and finished) was a very old bottle since my friend had to give up drinking nearly 20 years ago (he just wanted someone to empty his bottles who would appreciate them). If the price doesn't scare you, I'd say get it and try it.



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