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    Re: Georgia Moon Quality

    Both products, Georgia Moon and Mellow Corn are available in 80 and 100 proof. We run the most GM in 100...It's (GM) a novelty kind bottling.

    Cam, make sure you hand tighten the lid (fruit jar) Let me tell ya, if that stuff gets all in your luggage you'd be "smellin" for quite awhile! I hate it when we run Georgia Moon...I don't care for the smell of of raw product. The capper that we use is ancient...must have belonged to the original Mason jar folks J/K...Its my job to set the capper/filler in all the line changes at Heaven Hill...The fruit jar is challenging...I reek of Georgia Moon all night long...It (the old machine) will flip them out in a heartbeat if it's not set "exactly" right. Takes a entire line of jars to make a test run just to see if you are "close"

    Quote Originally Posted by barturtle View Post
    There's also a much harder to find 100 proof Georgia Moon.

    The best corn whiskey I've had was some old stock AMS...that was some tasty liquor. But Mellow Corn is fairly nice too.
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    Re: Georgia Moon Quality

    Sounds to me that an investment in some plastic wrap would be in order for Cam when he gets in. I'm trying something this year, got some waterproof bags from the camping section in walmart I'm going to wrap up my Gazebo fare in after a good padding. Should be less cumbersome than the boxes and styrofoam I used last time I flew in.
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    Re: Georgia Moon Quality

    Quote Originally Posted by sku View Post
    Are there good corn whiskies out there? I've never had one.
    About a year ago I drank my way through a bottle of Mellow Corn 100 proof. It wasn't bad at all. If memory serves, I was drinking it side by side with OGD BIB, and it was pretty close in both quality & taste. And dirt cheap. Worth a try just for the sake of comparison.

    Georgia Moon is a totally different story. Mellow Corn is aged, where Georgia Moon is not.
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