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    New Bottles for Jim Beam Rye & Old Overholt

    Was out and about this afternoon, and noticed new bottles today for Jim Beam Rye and Old Overholt. They are not wildly different from the previous bottles; mostly differences in color. The Old Overholt bottles are much more pale (at first I thought they were old bottles that had faded in the sun), and I think the Jim Beam Bottles are more tan and less yellow. The labels also have a sort of waxy looking finish to them. As far as I know, there are no changes to the contents.

    Anyone have any additional info?

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    Re: New Bottles for Jim Beam Rye & Old Overholt

    I purchased a new bottle of the Beam rye. The label looks less like police tape. The old plastic cap has been replaced with a thin metal cap. Overall, I would say that the packaging of Beam rye has experienced an upgrade.

    The bottle contents appear to be made out of the same adhesive material used to affix the new, pretty label to the bottle.

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    Re: New Bottles for Jim Beam Rye & Old Overholt

    A short while ago I was in a store and saw the new labels alongside the older ones.
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    Re: New Bottles for Jim Beam Rye & Old Overholt

    Yeah, the new JB Rye label is a big improvement in color.

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    Re: New Bottles for Jim Beam Rye & Old Overholt

    It did not have a far drive to be better than the old labels!!
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