On Saturday I took a mask and a good flashlight and took a trip in total darkness to get some pictures of the inside of the 1966 Bottling house that Continental built from Warehouse U which in its time was the worlds largest one floor warehouse till they moved Liqour Bottling to Kinsey from Phila in 1966 and created what in its time was the worlds most mondern Bottling House. It was so dark Pitch dark that in brightening the pictures some colors will be off. I will be sending these pictures to Jeff and when he can he will put them on for me as my computer at home just will not do it but I can send them to him from my work computer and they will be here for you to look at Please look for the atachments after the title and then the pictures will be there. They had many lines and many tanks inside and the building ran 3/4 of the front of the plant. I also shot some pictures of the inside of #38 Blend & Gauge building and the outside of the bottling house and its special incoming black colored tanks now that they have mowed there. I wanted to get these pictures while I could still get in to get them and ended up with an Asthma attack but I want the History in pictures to be preserved and this was one of the last chances I had to preserve it on the SB. They had when this was running the ability to make around 1/2 a Million cases of Whiskey those days. It was very sad to walk through and see all the ruin in there, it is in worse shape then any building there and I have shots of the lab with old bottles laying around, the building is so large and long that I took a shot halfway back of a tiny light coming through a hole in the metal roll door at the far end and it is really in the distance. One of the neatest sets of pictures are the ones of the incoming lines marked Blender,Gin,Vodka,Scotch Whiskey. In its time the Continental Bottling house was one of the most amazing operations ever made and a tribute to the Chairman of Continental Distilling Simon Neuman! Please comeback to look when you see the atachments marked on this thread. I am very proud to have worked for Continental and very sad to see there show place Kinsey Distillery sitting in ruin. I hope that the pictures I have put on and these will show what a amazing and great place Kinsey was and what a great Company Contiental Distilling / Publicker Industries was!
Dave Z