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    Post Re: A trip in to the Old Continental Bottle house 1966 State of the Art

    It seems no matter how cold or lousy the Weather I try to get to Kinsey every week. I think because I know that one of these days it will all be gone and so I try to see and save and take pictures as much as I can. Saturday with my orange on for hunting season I went in again and mainly got some pictures again outside and in the 1966 Bottling House which was called All Purpose warehouse U in its early days before becoming the world largest bottling house in 1965 /1966.

    The tour starts with a Shot I got from a different Angle on the Hill on the Back side of Building O I was able to get all 2 footbal fields worth of the 1966 Bottling House. Looking at the Black Tanks down to the Water tower that is the whole length of the Bottle house it took me till now to get a shot of the whole thing one because weeds have died for the Winter and two finding a angle that you could do it with out cutting some of it out.

    Shot 2. I go into the enclosure of the black tanks for incoming Whiskey!
    Pic 3. through 11. inside the Tankage area including pictures of Signs on tanks, Meters, stuff on the roof Chillers I think, The far front big white tank hidden by trees, Stairs to the top of the tanks and a Picture inside one of the tanks!

    Next Are shots of The Quality Office biins that say Not stamped, outgoing, Greenwich which Meant Greenwich CT company Headquarters and Bigler for the Bigler street Plant.
    Next a shot of a soda machine full of Cups never to be used again then Pictures of Tankage inside, A machine that said Whiskey Chiller on its side but I some how in the dark did not get the right part where it was written and the last shot Looking toward the first Bulkhead wall where the Bottle Lines started their journey two football fields to the end where bottles were cased and skided and warehoused!

    I hope these Picture are ok as my Lens on my camera was steaming up in the cold damp air in there had to get out quick as not so good for my Asthma in there.
    Dave Z
    It Seems All The nicest People Drink Old Hickory
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