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    Post Re: A trip in to the Old Continental Bottle house 1966 State of the Art

    Here are a couple of Pictures of the 1966 Bottling House without the weeds and snow, plus some pictures of Warehouse H from both sides and a shot looking down along the 1966 Bottle house from the back far side of warehouse H.
    1.,2.,1966 Bottling house from Dock which could handle 3 box cars and about ten trailer trucks at the same time. 2 foot ball fields long, 1/2 a foot ball field wide.

    3.,4.,Back side of Warehouse H looking at Bottle House, and back side of warehouse H this is the warehouse pictured in the Old Aerial shot I posted from 1936 and was the last wood and brick warehouse ever built by Jacob G Kinsey.
    5. standing beside Warehouse H at the back looking toward the back side of the 1966 bottling house and the 3 explosion proof warehouses on the right behind the bottle house. My fathers nickname is written on one of the Old wooden racks in H building says Ziggy was here 1952.

    Everytime I go to Kinsey I get feeling so sad at what has happen to it but life is this way and so you just have to remember what a great place it was.
    I will be posting some Pictues of the rods for the warehouses never built on the memories thread later today.

    Dave Z
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