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    Post Re: A trip in to the Old Continental Bottle house 1966 State of the Art

    Sandie thank you for the stories they make this thread and all of the threads more real for people to read with the human touch of stories and that is what this is about the stories of Publicker / Continental and Kinsey they are stories of people and the great jobs they did for a great company!

    Last week I Bought an old County Fair Striaght Bourbon bottle on the web because it looked different then the ones I remember. I got it on Sat and to my surprise it was one of a Kind I have never seen or gotten it was one where we distilled the whiskey in Phila at DSP-Pa-1 and then tanked it out to Lemont ILL when it was 4 years old 1963 distilled / bottled 1967 BIB. The back label has distilled DSP -Pa-1 bottled DSP-ILL-53 so now I have that plants number and a bottle from there. I will take a Picture of it soon and post it.

    I have had so very little Information about Lemont ILL bottling and also our Chem Plant in WesWego La that it was an exciting find for me.
    here are some more pictures from 3 weeks ago in Black and white in the bottle house. And a warehouse shot.
    1. More of the incoming lines at the back side of the bottle house Room A
    2. Start of Bottling Line A-1-F which was an early computer driven Bottling Line room A.
    3. Side shot of one of the Water Surge tanks at the back
    4. Blender Tank at back near incoming lines
    5. Another Chiller for Regular Whiskey coming in.
    6. Start of Bottling Line B-2
    7. A pallet of Never used Kinsey Quart bottles in the cases warehouse R

    I have more yet to post soon.
    Dave Z
    It Seems All The Nicest People Drink Old Hickory
    America's Most Magnificent Bourbon.
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