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    Post Re: A trip in to the Old Continental Bottle house 1966 State of the Art

    I just wanted to say that I am so glad I got as many shots as I did inside the 1966 Bottle House and the Old Kinsey bottle house as the vandels have now stolen piping from both,Plus stainless Pump heads even small stainless tanks. In both buildings destroying them.

    Just before the Holidays a guy called the Realter that for years has offered the Kinsey plant on the market to meet him as He wanted to know the price being asked. They met him there and told him and then all during the Holidays He pretented He was going to buy the place telling neighbors that, while he went in there late at night with battery powered flood lights and stole many things including the Priceless old Hand blender Ludy used in the Old Bottle house and sold the stuff for scrap. I was very suspious as soon as I heard about him walking around all the time and taking stuff, as when you buy a place you Do Not go in there and take things first. So I got someone to call the Realter and ask if he was truely buying the Plant and they said after meeting him there they never heard from him again. Well I was mad as Heck so I told the people that watch the place to watch for him and get the Cops.

    Yes the Cops got him but he only had wrenches on him and no stuff sadly so they could only arest him for atempting to steal, still since then things are ok again and the buildings are locked tight. Someone Like this is the worse Kind of Criminal stealing historic stuff just to make money never careing about History or what is right. I can only hope His day will truely come when what goes around comes around.

    If there is one thing I can't stand is someone stealing historic stuff to just take it to the scrap dump.

    And the fact that he pulled this stunt of pretending he was buying the Place tricking People while stealing like nuts shows that con men are still alive and well! I have lived long enough to smell out a crook like this but He and whoever helped him just plain destroyed anything they touched. I am so glad that I saved as much historic stuff as I have.
    Dave Z
    Kinsey The Unhurried Whiskey
    For Unhurried moments
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