Sorry about all those replies. Have to find out how to reply correctly. Vaguely remember something about a bad batch of liquor. If memory serves me correctly, the company tried to blame it on bottles that sat around too long. Don't remember outcome. I know that every once in a great while someone found a fly in a full bottle and sent a nasty letter, bosses would come out and raise cain, saying the bottles were not blown out enough. On some of the bottling lines, the bottles were blown out by hand and some had automatic blowers. Most of the flies were found in the bottles from the automatic blowers. County Fair was a good brand and I always liked the labeling. Did not like doing BIB, too much commotion, paper work, had to seal the room (so to speak). As a production clerk, it was a lot more responsibility for me. Had to account for every government and state stamp at end of run and especially had to make sure I did not go over the order, which was difficult. Boy, you sure are bringing back memories. After 22 years with the USPS I had forgotten a lot of them.
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Hey Sandie do you remember during the last months the bottling house still was bottling Whiskey of a bad batch of Governors Club that had a musty,moldy smell? I found some old Letter head and some old copies of Letters to state stores and the company from Troy NY and Kenmore NY about bad Whiskey. Also I found some letters begging the Company to find out where they could get Some County Fair Bottle in Bond Bourbon. One from a Man in Memhpis TN who traveled to Montano every summer and got County Fair Straight Bourbon there and He asked if they could give him places in Tn, Ok or Miss where he could get it when at home in the Winter,and He wants some Badly the letter is dated 10/10/79. Quite a statement of How Good Our County Fair Was. I am lucky to have a couple of Old Bottles and have a wee bit now and then. The Mans name was Robert R. Milner and He said ours was the very Best!
Hope you can give information on the bad batch of Governors!
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