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    Post Re: A trip in to the Old Continental Bottle house 1966 State of the Art

    I picked up the base for my Last Distillery parts lamp I am making I will be getting the lamp back from the electrcian this week some time and will post the complete Lamp them. Thanks to Rod for Climbing up in the old Grain process building to get me the last lamp of this early turn of the century Type.
    1. The Base made for the Lamp
    2. The Small Green Porcelen shade for the lamp
    3. The Lamp when I started building it, it now has a securtiy check box with a key from the old Warehouse C on top of the switch, which when I get it back I will take a picture of the whole thing and post it.

    The explosion proof fixture on top of the shade is from the very early 1900's.

    I have made a place in front of my bottles next to my other 2 lamps. These lamps when I am gone will forever be a part of the plant and what it was like working there when I did.
    Dave Z
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