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    Tasty new cocktail

    The other night I wanted to make a whiskey cocktail but didn't feel like juicing any fruit. So I went for the fruitiest thing in my cabinet, Cointreau. I really expected this to be a starting point, but I've made it three times since and it is really pretty good:

    Slade Sunset (named for the 'town' in the Red River Gorge, KY area)

    1.5 floz bourbon (I used OGD BIB)
    0.5 floz Cointreau
    4 good shakes of Peychaud's bitters

    Shake with ice and strain. It's orangy, with more than a hint of gentian. The color is delightful.


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    Re: Tasty new cocktail

    Sounds like a variation on the Old Fashioned with more bitter and less or hardly any sweetness. I've never had Cointreau before but I understand it to be bitter/sweet and ogangie.

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    Re: Tasty new cocktail

    That sounds delicious. I love cointreau in mixed drinks. I'll pick up some bitters and try the "slade sunset."
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