Malt Advocate reviews the Willett 23 yo Rye (scroll down a bit) in its upcoming issue. I assume this is the "Iron Fist" from the stated proof, although the description reads like the "Velvet Glove" and the proofs differ by only 0.1. I don't have a bottle with me to look at, so am not sure which bottling is "Barrel #2."

94 Willett Rye, Barrel #2, 23 year old, 68.5%, $175
Incredibly soft and mellow for a rye whiskey, with no signs of excessive oak. This whiskey is obviously of the same pedigree as the Willett Rye 22 year old bottling reviewed here a year ago. Itís another impressive whiskey. Light toffee, nougat, and rummy notes are accentuated by crisp mint, cinnamon, nutmeg, and Earl Grey tea. Pristine on the palate, with lingering cinnamon warmth on the finish. A polished whiskey, with surprising subtlety and finesse. At 137 proof, itís like getting a third of a bottle free!

The previous bottling (the 22 yo) received this review:

96 Willett Family Reserve, Single Barrel (Rye, Barrel #618), 22 year old, 1984 vintage, 68.35%, $175

The first rye whiskey I have tasted to rival the Sazerac Rye 18 year old. This is a great whiskey from beginning to end. Soothing layers of sweetness (vanilla, maple syrup, cookie dough, toffee) are balanced by candied fruit and waves of spice (mint, cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa powder).l The palate is clean, the flavors are deep, the spices are well-defined, and thereís not one hint of excessive or tired oak. A bench-mark rye. (A Ledgerís Liquors exclusive.) (4th Quarter 2007 Issue-Vol. 15#4)