Ok, so I thought it was time to finally sign up an get involved after reading a lot of great information on here. Well, to start off I am from southern middle Tennessee (Southern Tennessee Sipper=sotnsipper). I have been sipping various whiskeys for a while now. Now for the shocker, I have always been a Jack fan. I am from Tennessee. However, as I get older and my tastes are changing, I have branched out. I have really grown to be a bourbon drinker over any other type of whiskeys. I am over my wild and crazy drink to get drunk days and have started to enjoy the flavor that whiskey holds. I would not consider myself to be a "Top-Shelf" whiskey drinker however. My current favorites are Wild Turkey 101, Old Heaven Hill, Fighting Cock, Evan Williams Black Label, and anything Rye - especially Rittenhouse. I have just located two stores in middle TN that actually carry Rittenhouse, one carries the 80 and the other carries the 80 and the BIB 100 proof. I seem to head for the Rye before I do anything else though. It is such a complex taste that is hard to explain I guess. I did try the Wild Turkey Rye and liked it but the Rittenhouse just blew me away! As for the Bourbon, the FC is my go to drink. It has a good complex taste and is a bit cheaper in my area than Wild Turkey. The Old Heaven Hill would be my second go to. It is fairly cheap and hits the spot at 100 BIB. I must confess though, a bottle of George Dickle 12 year slips into my cabinet from time to time. I find myself leaning toward the higher proof as it seems to have more of the taste I am looking for. I like my drinks on the rocks or mixed with Coke. I on occasion have a drink neat but prefer it on the rocks. I would like some suggestions based on this info as to what I may like to try. I usually try to stay in the $10-$25 range when buying. I usually start with a 5th and if I like, go for a bigger bottle that will last me. I like to kick back on the weekends and drink about two drinks a night watching a good movie after the kids are in bed. Plus, I really like whiskey and have to limit myself. Anyway, I look forward to talking with all of you about your suggestions. I don't get on the computer a lot due to work schedules so if I am slow to respond, it's nothing personal. Thanks in advance and look forward to hearing from you!