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    BOTM, 3/08: Old Charter 12yo

    This month let's talk about a recently discontinued product that has been held in high regard by our membership: Old Charter 12yo "The Classic"

    We are all painfully aware of rising prices on everything from gas to milk and especially our own bourbon whiskey. Demand is up and supplies are down, stretched and allocated to the extreme. What cost $15 a few blissful years ago is now pushing $25 or higher. To make matters worse, bourbon brand managers are cutting some brands to liquidate supplies for others. OC12 got the death sentence last year. RIP.

    Not withstanding a depressing situation, it should still be possible for the skilled bourbon hunter to track down a bottle or two, or if you were investing in your future, you should have some bunkered away. Let's reminisce of our good times with Old Charter 12yo, now truly a "Classic."

    Sound off
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