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    Re: BOTM, 3/08: Old Charter 12yo

    I picked up a yellow-label OC 12 today -- the label marking it as a very recent one, as the old black label only left distribution in our area within the past year.
    I enjoy the hint of cinnamon on the nose of this, which passes through very mildly to the palate. A little maple/brown sugar, slightest trace of leather, a light, lingering finish -- staying pretty sweet throughout.
    Yep, still like it. I'm going to sweeten this pour and add some diet cola -- and don't feel a bit abashed, since I paid under $17 for it (after a discount). Done it before -- it makes a fine bourbon-and-cola (or, for that matter, bourbon-and-ginger ale).
    I'll miss this, for sure, but the introduction of the Four Roses line into our area balances it out. It strikes me that the yellow-label Four Roses will make a nice substitution for the OC, at about the same price.
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