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    Schott Zwiesel Top Ten Barrel Aged Spirit Glass

    Well, I know theyíve been mentioned in posts but Iíve never seen a thread about these glasses so I figured Iíd start one. I bought a box of these not too long ago and I have to say Iím pretty impressed as these glasses combine features from 3 different glasses. First, and most importantly the bulb fits well in my palm which allows the bourbon to warm a little, just like drinking out of a snifter. The shape of the glass itself is essentially that of the Glencairn glass, which I never cared much for because of it's lack of palmability, so itís good for nosing. This is actually a bigger version of the Glencairn glass on a stem. Finally, although itís not really much of a feature, the long stem gives it the elegant look of a nice wine glass. I donít think these will replace my snifters but so far theyíre the only glass Iíve had that has come close, Iíll definitely get some use out of these! I consider these a good deal too, I donít know what they go for in stores but the ad for them said list price was something ridiculous like $128.99 for a box of 6, I got a box of 6 for just under $30 shipped. Anyway, just thought Iíd share. Hereís a picture:
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