Hello all,

Nice to see so many people sharing a unique passion like bourbon. It's been a while since I lifted a glass of beer thanks to good ole' whiskey.
Change, in this case, was most certainly warranted since beer became such a monotonous, boring chore, especially those following the ancient purity laws. Katerina, my wife, was not happy to see me switch to the "hard stuff" but I told her no matter what you're drinking, moderation is the key.

All this time I thought it was only me that loved bourbon so much and wanted to read as much as I could about this all-natural product. Took me a while to wander up on this site, but when I did, I was surprised to see that there are people like me.

Much to the chagrin of my wife, I found both bourbon and this forum and now she must take a back seat the aforementioned. Nothing going to tear me away from this site, I say. Running around from store to store looking for some good bourbon has almost become an obsession but I think it's well worth it! Time keeps on slippin', didn't someone say that once? I'd better keep on doing what I love before times slips away from me too quickly. Nothing like having a passion for something. It's like having a hobby, it fills the day. Slowly I will try, though, to wean myself away from constant hunting of bourbon, but not altogether!

Is it me, or do others have this same problem that I do? Something tells me, based on what I've read here so far, I am not alone.

By the way, sorry for the rambling on, just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. Ask me any question you like and I will gladly answer. Can't turn down any fellow bourbon lovers, that's for sure. Keep on keepin' on, as an american once said!!!!!

Happy to be here. And, can't wait to talk bourbon. Have a great day, all. Always!!!!

Gebhard Hueber