I have a few mainland Scotches and I enjoy the great flavors (usually fruity). But I also enjoy the smokey peaty, earthy, iodine-y, briny, grassy flavors in the Laphraoig 10 & Lagavulin 16. I had heard of Bruchladdich and Bunnahabhain being the "lighter side of Islay," incorporating some fruity notes of the mainland whiskies and some sea side notes of Islay. Well, that really didn't sound good to me so I was never interested. My brother picked up Bruichladdich Rocks on a whim and he didn't care for it. I tried it. Yup, berried flavors and some briney sea notes....and I liked it . In fact, I offered him a trade for a whiskey I had but didn't care for. Now, I'm intrigued with "the lighter side of Islay" and would like to try a different expression. Here's what I'm considering (what's available in my area):

Bruichladdich 15 Year, 2nd edition. It's got some good reviews, but a recent post here about it makes me wonder.

Bruichladdich 14 Year Links Turnberry: Good reviews. Any experience?

Bunnahabhain 12 Year: Again, decent ratings. Any experience?