I do not know if Jeff will see this post but if not he will post two pictures of my Beagle / Springer Nikki here or on my trip to Continental Bottling house thread as I sent him some and asked him to for me. Whenever I wrote about Kinsey My Beautiful Friend Nikki 16 years old when he died on Monday sat with me. I was able to sit there and not feel lonely and just write about those old days. He would go wherever I went till he could not walk then I would carry him. He was there beside me for every thread I wrote from home. I am not sure if I will ever go back to Kinsey as it is all sealed buildings wise and I think they may be going to have the DEP come there and just throw everything away, which is what they do with history today. Two Mondays from now I will be giving a talk at the Limerick Historic Society about the History of Kinsey and I will continue to write here also but will be all alone which is all the more reason to write to help keep me busy. I got Nikki when he was 3 years old in 1995 My Mother and I got him at the Aspca he was pure Bred Beagle / Springer Mix black & White with little black dots on his paws. When my Mother Died in 2001 he was there by Gods grace to sit with me and be with me through all those days. He got very sick and I have been feeding him and carring him out for many weeks like I did with my Mom. No Dog could ever take his place and I just wanted everyone to know how much a part he was when I wrote the stuff I have sometimes I would ask him is this Ok and he would make little noises. Which ever thread Jeff Puts his pictures on this or the Bottle house one please take a look at My Friend Nikki. Many a night I would have a shot and a beer and Nikki a dog treat together.
I shall write again soon!
Dave Z