For a long time, Mt. Gay has produced two white rums, the two-year-old, slightly tinted "Special Reserve", and the clear "Premium White".

The former is nationally distributed and better known. It's something of an acquired taste, with smokey/oaky aromas and taste from having spent time in (mostly) ex-bourbon barrels.

The more selectively marketed "Premium White" was a nice mixer, smooth, little burn, similar in style to Appleton white.

Both are being replaced with a new bottling, "Eclipse Silver", which is "aged up to two years in used whisky and bourbon barrels." (italics mine)(also, I thought bourbon is whisky).

So far I've seen only one review:

"the whiff of pure ethanol was so strong I thought my girlfriend was doing her nails again." Yikes!

Stangely, the Mt. Gay website seems slightly out-of-date. They no longer show the Special Reserve, but still show the Premium White. They do not show the Eclipse Silver.

Price on a bottle of Special Reserve is about $16 (here in Oregon). Back in Florida, a liter of the Premium White was about $15.

The NY Post article quotes a price for the Eclipse Silver of $16.

So, yet again, it seems we've another case of making it younger (than the SR) and charging more (than the PW).