I am visiting relatives in Louisville this week. I have already made my trip to Liquor Barn to pick up my favorites that I can't get in NC (Old Rip 15 yo, Old Rip Family Reserve Rye) while picking up some new things to try (Buffalo Trace, Elmer T. Lee). Though, I am always willing to hear suggestions for something new.

Also, I have a free day tomorrow to visit distilleries and am looking for suggestions on which one to prioritize. I am looking for a real tour and a decent gift shop for souveniers.

I can make a southern trip that includes Maker's Mark (looks like you get a tour, can dip your own bottle, and hit a marketing-gone-mad gift shop) and Jim Beam (description on the web seems to indicate that they only show a movie instead of a real tour.) Heaven Hill is closed this week.

I can also go east and hit Buffalo Trace, Labrot & Graham, and Wild Turkey. Any of those see like they would be good to hit.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears.